Entry #1


2010-02-01 16:58:40 by DCF

I gonna start to upload all my recent beats here on newgrounds which i already published on youtube. But don't worry. I also gonna upload all my new stuff soon. :)




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2010-02-01 18:19:31

Newgrounds is full of 95% pricks/kids/derkkk headdd pricks! So expect mad ratings of 0 to your work even though people don't listen to the song.

Bare I got your back dude =D Keep it blessed!

DCF responds:

already feeling that. never thought that my best beat youtube-wise gets here a 1.something.

thx for the support man


2010-08-08 22:36:43

Yo Mann, I listened 2 ya Song bout 6 months ago and I cam back i cant find ya... the last tyme i saw, u were on the top page.

Im glad 2 hav found ya, ya Music speaks 0r1g1nal1ty
I enjoy it and mann keep up da hella great work